People Make Glasgow

Drop in to a series of interactive workshops that allow you to get hands on with code. Learn how to design and build your own classic game, or create your own music using computer code. Each workshop is run by experts from the digital world. No previous coding experience is needed. This is a fantastic way to learn digital skills in a fun and social environment.

Workshops include:

Make Music Using Code - Get started with the basics of Sonic Pi and learn to code your own music. Create sounds using code, loop them, add effects and samples, then bring it all together in a live performance.

Get Physical with the Micro:bit - The Micro:bit is a palm sized gadget that you can control with computer code. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn about coding and work togehter to create your first project using the micro:bit.

Create a Classic Snake Game - Use Python, one of the most popular computer programming languages in the world, to recreate your own version of the classic Snake game. Remix the code to make it tougher, or even add in your own cheats!

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