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Bespoke PC builds - We are here for the Everyday user, Gamer, Enthusiast and Business. Will take on any of your crazy ideas and develop a rig suited to your needs practically and aesthetically. This is our passion, tell us what you need your systems for and how you would like them to look and we will bring these ideas too life. Whether it be an industrial monolithic tower kitted with high end performance parts, to a more portable humble rig with a Minecraft paint job for the budding gamer in your home. Our knowledge and background enable us to make these a reality. Partnering with Thermaltake to bring to you the latest high end performance cases and peripherals that can be purchased at the show ! Our Knowledge of


£10 FOR A NEW RIG? From July 21st - 23rd We will be hosting a raffle to win our builds at Resonate. Please visit events for more information


West Midlands

Tel: 0121 649 7510

[email protected]

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